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Message from the Principal

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Message from the Principal

S Charles

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of Derinya,

Welcome back to a term which, I can assure you, will be fast and probably furious but also highly engaging for all. We trust you had a great rest and some time to catch up with your children. They have all returned bright and eager to get back into school and are looking forward to the enjoyment that Term 4 brings. We hope you will join in the community engagment this term. It will be important to keep up with the calendar particularly with events such as the Junior Concert to be held in the Stadium on Thursday 5th of December. There will be a matinee and an evening performance and it will be much lower key than our normal Arts Centre Production. The Grade 6 Graduation is also an important date to pencil in on Wednesday 18th December as we celebrate the great achievements of our Grade 6 students. School finishes on Friday 20th December at 1.30pm. There are lots of events happening at each year level and these will be communicated to you via class emails. The Term 4 Curriculum Page will be distributed this week and is also available on our website. The calendar dates also appear on the Derinya website.

• Congratulations to the Derinya Division Aths Team: Some excellent performances with everyone putting in their best effort. All children did so well and we are very proud of their efforts. Students who came 1st or 2nd will be going on to Regional Level: Results for all competitors are as follows:

o Evie Emmett – 1500m 2nd and Relay 2nd

o Michael Spence – 1500m 3rd

o Brodie McMillan – Discus 3rd and Shotput 3rd

o Molly Colgan – Triple Jump 1st, Long Jump 1st and Relay 2nd

o Violet Costantino – High Jump 2nd

o Ariel Minos – Shotput 4th

o Zoe McDonald – Long Jump 2nd, Triple Jump 2nd

o Sara Rogozinski – Relay 2nd

o Isobelle McCullough – Relay 2nd

o Sophie Alexander – 800m 4th

Great work to all and good luck to those students going to Region on October 17th.

• Congratulations to our 6 dance teams who competed in the State Finals on the first Saturday of the holidays. Excellent work to all and especially Lindi Morrison!! They placed with 2 x 4ths and 2 x 5ths in the State Championships. Fabulous effort girls.

2019 Parent Survey: Many thanks to the families who completed the parent survey recently. The results were excellent with overall general satisfaction at 100%. We have been working on student perceptions of bullying. This is always a work in progress and we believe we have work to do around differentiating between bullying behaviour which is continued, targeted negative behaviour directed at one particular person exerting power over them, compared with a one-off incident where a child is intentionally mean. We are pleased to say that our positive result in this area was 87% approval, an increase on 2018 score of 82%. This is also above like-schools and state means. We are pleased with this outcome and will continue to do our next level of work as a community.

• Community Connect Aussie Dinner Dance. October 25th. Book your tickets online at Try Booking. Over 100 booked in so far. The cost is $34 per head. Great band, food and entertainment. There are tables set aside for each grade level so get a few friends together and come and have some fun!!

Grade Placement 2020: Each year around this time we invite any educational considerations parents may have regarding their child’s placement for 2020. We offer a two week window of opportunity to meet with myself or Janette Borrie (not the class teacher) so that we can make the best possible plan for student learning in 2020. This does not include requesting teachers or nominating other students you would like your children to be placed with. It does include relevant educational concerns you may have that you wish to share with us. Children will be placed according to a sound educational, social mix, not based on friendships but on the best possible learning environment we can develop. We want all children to be friendly and also develop new friendships and class time is the time to learn and work diligently. If you have made requests in past years and you wish to address the situation again please do so otherwise placement will be treated as normal. This process will be complete by Friday 25th October.

• 2020 – Moving? It would be terrific if you could inform your child’s teacher or drop me a line if your child/ren will not be attending Derinya next year. We are sorting out numbers for 2020 and early notice will assist us to forward plan. Thank you.

Late arrivals. Let’s start the term on a positive note with everyone arriving on time. The school morning bell to start the day rings at 8.58am. Children should be at school well before then, around 8.45-8.50 ready to start the day. Please remember not to get out of your car in the drop off zone, it’s for dropping off only. Thanks. Remember also it’s not okay to be away!!

• Good Luck to our three HPV teams competing at Casey in a 6 hour race this Saturday. This will be a good warm up for Maryborough!!