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Helping your child learn the High Frequency Words (HFW) at Home

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Helping your child learn the High Frequency Words (HFW) at Home

S Charles


The students at Derinya are asked to complete a spelling activity as part of their weekly homework. Each week your child should be learning to spell the list of words they have been set. They need to practise the words in different ways to help them remember how to spell the words. Repetition is vital in helping children learn to spell words. Practising the words in a fun way for 10 minutes, 4 times a week is much more effective than working on the words for 40 minutes on one day during the week.

To support your child learn these words we would be very grateful if you would follow the guidelines and suggestions below.

 Consider the words your child has been given for the week:

  1. Identify the words your child can easily and automatically spell (discard these)

  2. Of the words your child needs to learn, identify the ‘tricky part’ of the word

  3. Choose an activity to help your child practise their words e.g. flash cards, typing the words, etc. (See more ideas below.)

  4. Support your child to get started then let them work independently

  5. Remind your child that they are trying to learn to spell the words (sounds silly but this is an important point to make clear to your child!)

When your child has finished his/her homework:

  • Check your child’s homework

  • Have they copied any of the words incorrectly?

  • Rewrite any misspelt words correctly and have your child copy them a number of times. (This is not a punishment. We are trying to help your child learn the word correctly.)

  • Sign your child’s work (and add a comment or sticker if you like!) Praise your child’s hard work and effort.

Some activities to use:

  • Rainbow writing with different coloured pencils

  • Bounce a basketball as each letter of the word is said out loud

  • ‘Dance’ the words (a bit like a cheerleader)

  • Flashcards

  • Magnetic letters

  • Write the words in a tray of flour

For some other ideas you can google and find sites such as