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All students from F-6 have access to Mathletics, which is a great tool to enhance number fluency via the ‘Play’ section and to reinforce content taught at school via the ‘Learn’ section. Many year levels set tasks as homework during the week and encourage students to log on at home as a method of practising maths skills and number fluency.

Mathletics certificates explained.

Mathletics certificates explained.

Certificates / Points: A certificate is awarded to a student once they have earned 1,000 points in a single week. Only one certificate is awarded each week, to help encourage sustained practise by the student. The Mathletics week begins on a Monday morning and runs through to Sunday night. Your child’s teacher may print these certificates. Points are awarded across Mathletics in several ways.

  • Live Mathletics (‘Play’ Section) – students earn one point per correct answer

  • Live Mathletics – students earn two points per correct answers on their bonus level (This is the level that has the gold star beside it)

  • Mathletics curriculum (‘Learn’ section) – 10 points per correct answer within individual activities*

  • Mathletics curriculum – 20 points per correct answer within a “Test”. Within the Mathletics curriculum a maximum of 300 points can be earned per week from a single activity (600 points for “Tests”). This is designed to encourage students to attempt a wide range of activities.

GOLD MATHLETES. At Derinya, we acknowledge (at assembly) and promote students to become ‘Gold Mathletes.’ To become a Gold Mathlete your child needs to earn 1,000 points for 20 weeks. This does not have to be consecutive weeks. We believe this is a great way for students to learn that in life you need to put in effort and time for an extended period before reward or acknowledgment is received. It is a fabulous achievement to be awarded a Gold Mathletes certificate at Derinya and we encourage all students to strive towards becoming a Gold Mathlete.

Should you have any questions regarding Mathletics, please feel free to contact Cory Stevens, our Mathematics Coordinator: