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Message from the Principal

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Message from the Principal

S Charles

Dear Parents, Students and friends,

This week we received notification from the State Government that Derinya will be receiving $480,000 in capital works funding to plan the upgrading and modernisation of our existing buildings in the State Education Package as its continuing commitment to make Victoria the Education State. The money we will receive this year will contribute towards the planning stage and we are hopeful that we will be announced for the construction stage in the 2020 State Budget. The school will work closely with the Victorian School Building Authority in preparation to appoint an architect to commence the project. Our community will be consulted to contribute to the best possible modern plan for teaching and learning at Derinya. These are very exciting times for Derinya and we must acknowledge the proactive work of our School Council for being diligent in seeking continual improvement for our school. Many thanks also to Stuart Charles, head of facilities for his great work.

New Playground for Derinya. Stuart has been seeking quotes from playground companies to supply Derinya with a new playground. Our SRC will assist us with making a decision and hopefully next term we will start construction. The old cricket nets which are no longer used will be replaced maximising our play space. Funds raised this year will go towards the new playground with a target of around $50,000.

Congratulations to Louise M. in Year 6 who travelled to Hawaii to compete in the 2 day Global Games Cheerleading Competition. Louise competed with the Outlaws Gym and they won world championships. Sounds like an amazing adventure and they had a wonderful time. Congratulations to Louise!

Lost Property. I have been seeing posts on Derinya Facebook pages seeking help to find lost property at school. It is mainly school jumpers and hoodies which are lost. Children must learn to take responsibility for their belongings and a simple way to do this is to teach them to tie their jumper around their waist if they take them off. Then when back in the classroom they can put it in their bags. Sounds too simple?? It is !! As parents you are spending a fortune replacing jumpers needlessly. There are many jumpers left after basketball training in the stadium each night also. PLEASE teach your children to tie their jumpers around their waist if not wearing and help us to solve this problem. Some consequences for children may also assist. Every Friday, Emma, one of our Support Staff collects the lost property which is housed outside the staff room and sends back named items to classes. The other unnamed items are sent to the second hand uniform shop. I would urge everyone to take this seriously to avoid wasting both time and money. 

Winter is upon us and children must come to school with warm clothing. It is a great idea to send a coat and beanie along as we still send children outside on breaks if it is not raining. With the cold snap we have had this week I am sure you will agree with me. Some children don’t feel the cold and are happy to go outside in a Tshirt! Teachers check that the children are at least wearing jumpers before going outside. If children do wear a coat please make sure it named clearly.

Jenny Roth, Principal