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Message From the Principal

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Message From the Principal

S Charles

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

Never underestimate how important reading is to your child’s education and successful life outcomes. I read a wonderful article (see below) from the latest Ashton’s Scholastic Magazine regarding the positive impact of reading for 10 minutes per day.  

Numerous studies have shown that 10 minutes of reading a day will change your child’s life. 210 minutes exposure to reading materials each day is all it takes to positively shape your child’s future. All reading materials are included and don’t have to be complicated. They can be picture story books, comics, novels, newspapers, magazines, recipe books – all count towards your child’s daily reading goal. Reading any of these materials for 10 minutes a day exposes your child to more than 600,000 words in one year – interestingly that’s more than double the word exposure of as child who only reads for 5 minutes or less a day. The benefit of this word exposure is immense – research shows us that reading more improves a child’s performance in general knowledge, vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal fluency and spelling.

This goal of reading the 10 minutes per day isn’t only to improve your child’s academic success : the effects of this achievement are far more long term than you may have anticipated. Frequent reading  also improves a child’s empathy and emotional intelligence, allowing them to better understand people and the world around them, which is especially important in today’s connected world.

Given that children in Foundation will spend most probably the next 13 – 17 years in educational institutions in which being a proficient reader is instrumental to academic success in many areas, it makes sense to put the effort in well before the children come to school. Great to get your reading routines in place at home whilst also making it a rich time you can spend with your child. Derinya’s reading record is great but we can always do better.

  • Interviews Today: I trust that every family has taken the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher today. We work hard to build relationships with families in order to develop high outcomes for our students in all aspects of their education. Please make sure you have taken the time to catch up. Thanks to the teachers for their extra time given also.

  • Exciting news: The Derinya “Natasha’s “ Kitchen is getting to an exciting stage of near completion and we have employed a staff member for two days per week to work in the kitchen commencing next week. This year we will trial all classes spending two days per year in the kitchen garden space cooking up a storm. We will hold an official opening before the end of term and are thrilled with the outcome to date. Remember “Good things come to those who wait!”

  • 2020 Foundation Tours start next Tuesday. Any interested parents are invited to book on line for a tour on the school website. We are now taking enrolments for the 2020 Foundation Group. 

  • Pupil Free Curriculum Day: Tomorrow is our professional development day based on the teaching and learning of writing. We have contracted the “ Seven Steps to Writing Success” company to lead this day. 

  • Congratulations to all of the families who participated in the Premier’s Active April Challenge. 

  • Mothers’ Day Stall is to be held on Thursday May 9th. Remember to bring your $6 in a named envelope so that you can buy a lovely surprise gift for Mum!! Thanks to Community Connect for great work!!

  • Grade 6 Camp to Coonawarra: Good luck to our grade 6 students who are off to camp in week 4. We know you will have a wonderful experience learning new skills and building relationships. I am also attending camp and I love getting to have time with our Year 6 students.