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Message from the Principal

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Message from the Principal

S Charles

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of Derinya,

Excellent semester of learning and wonderful celebration of community. Congratulations to all for putting in the effort to make our school community the HUB which binds us together. Enjoy a well deserved break and hopefully some great family catch up time! Please keep an eye on our lovely school over the holidays. Take care and see you back next term.

  • Reports: Congratulations to all children on great reports. Next term we are looking at excellent growth from all children as they aim to achieve their personal best. Our children do work hard and our teachers are diligent and so caring. We are all very fortunate to belong to such a great community and it is through the efforts of everyone that allows us to shine. Great work to all.

  • Mobile Phones: You will have heard the announcement from Mr James Merlino (Minister for Education) regarding the banning of mobile phones in government schools. I am pleased to reinforce that we have had that policy in place for several years as children do not need to have them at school. The current debate has been around the prevention of cyber bullying however I am sad to say that most of this occurs at night at home in bedrooms and sometimes in the early hours when they are under parental care. Children who bring phones to school must leave them on the teachers desk for the day and collect them after school. As technology becomes more complex, we are noticing some children are now bringing phones on their watches and we had two students yesterday who were using them in class. They are inappropriate for school and we want your children to learn well and also socialise and run and play at recess. If these do come to school they will also sit on the teachers table until the end of the day. If you need to contact your child please ring the office.

  • DACE Update: We are thrilled with the level of volunteerism of our parents in preparation for the Art Show this year. And awesome work by the DACE team. We have had a great turn-out to clean and paint the stadium, roll out the carpet and unpack the DACE shed. Tomorrow we will be putting up the art screens and need many hands to help after assembly. Assembly will finish at 9.45am and it would be excellent if we could have lots of helpers to assist then. Please go on line at Eventbrite and book your Opening Night Tickets for Friday 19th July. It is a fabulous night where all the community come out and enjoy great art, food, wine and company. There is still some room to volunteer over the weekend also. We have had more than 80 volunteers sign up so far. Also looking for silent auction prizes.

  • Refugee Week: Emma our Grade 6 teacher aide has just finished lugging the many donations from the school to the car transporting them to the Dandenong Refugee Centre. She mentioned there were 8 massive crates full of donations, apparently worth around $700 and have been solely donated by Noah Morel’s family. The Morel’s donation made up more than half of what the entire school contributed. Pretty impressive and wonderful for our children and families to care for others in need. A lesson in paying kindness forward! Thank you.

  • Resilience and Bullying: I read a fabulous article recently which spoke of the difference between bullying and a one off act of unkindness. It explained simply that bullying is a consistent attack on one person by another of a group of people and can often have serious consequences on a person’s well being. An act of unkindness however, which is a one off, is a situation to learn from in dealing with life situations. Children learn to use strategies to ward off unkindness and become more resilient. Children can learn from conflict about how to solve issues. When parents step in to protect their children straight away, they often cause anxiety and worry thoughts and children never learn or have the opportunity to solve problems. Much real life learning comes from making mistakes and every day hiccups. Some positive Acronyms breeding resilience are: If you FAIL, never give up because FAIL means First Attempt in Learning. End is not the END: in fact END means Effort Never Dies. If you get no as an answer No means Next Opportunity…Positive Thinking Enjoy your children over the break.

Jenny Roth (PRINCIPAL)