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Message from the Principal

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Message from the Principal

S Charles

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of Derinya

Yesterday the Grade 6 students held their Market Day in the Stadium. There was much excitement as the students prepared their stalls and sales pitches. This unit of work based on a maths fiscal study and is a great example of engaging curriculum at Derinya. The students had a fabulous time in preparation and it is a great example of team work and cooperation. The work integrates so many components of our curriculum into a real life challenge and makes the learning so relevant.

The students spent the afternoon counting their money, working out their expenditure, gross and net profit. Hopefully there were no losses! The rest of the school was also very excited coming to school armed with their coins to make some good purchases. The profit raised from this event will be put towards the Term 4 Grade 6 Challenge program which provides even more real life learning.

Congratulations to all and great work to the Grade 6 students, teachers and families.

  • Farewell Mrs Sally Williams: Sally will be leaving tomorrow to take up her family leave in preparation for the arrival of Baby Williams. We wish Sally a great rest and a wonderful future journey into motherhood. Derek Williams in the other hand is not allowed to leave!!! Good luck to you both and thanks to Sally for her amazing teaching over many years at Derinya. We will miss you but know you will be back one day.

  • BOOK FAIR: Last day tomorrow, some great buys to be had. Open in the morning from 8.30am.

  • Senior Production Dress Rehearsal: Looking forward to our dress Rehearsal this Friday. The children are getting very excited about their performance and thanks go to Mrs Lindi Morrison who has worked exceptionally hard to make this possible. Thanks also to Steph Waddell for her work with the Grade 3s and also to the teaching staff. Looking forward to a great production. Last chance to get your tickets from the office.

  • SCIENCE EXPO is coming: You will find instructions for the family Science Expo on the school website this week ( You will also receive information via email. All children are encouraged to participate and you will recall our Expo two years ago which demonstrated great scientific inquiry by so many students and families. The children’s homework will be reduced in the last 5 weeks of term so that they can get on with their discoveries be they inventions, experiments, working models, scientific photography, etc. The aim will be for kids to teach kids about what they have discovered and learn and also open children’s eyes and minds to the wonderful world of science.

  • Parking at Derinya: There has been lots of comment around the parking at Derinya on Facebook including people getting fined by the by-laws for doing the wrong thing. Please note that on Overport Road if you are coming into the drive through, you can’t stand still before the sign on the footpath to queue AND YOU CANNOT BLOCK THE ROAD. The sign says “no parking” and sadly you will get fined. Once you are past the sign you can queue. The new bollards were put there to stop people queuing illegally making it safer for all and also to clear the roundabout. If you do the right thing you will not get fined and I would hate for any of our families to waste their money.

  • Farewell Susono Students: Wishing our Susono friends a great trip back to Japan. It has been wonderful having you all and huge thanks go to our generous families for offering home stays. The students all had a great time tree surfing yesterday and will leave us with many treasured memories.

  • Parent Opinion Survey: If you received a DET Parent Survey via email last week it would be greatly appreciated if you could please fill it in and return it via return email. The closing date has been extended to Sunday August 18th.