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Message from the Principal

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Message from the Principal

S Charles

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of Derinya,

Winter is upon us and it is a time when we all need to be vigilant about helping to stop the spread of winter bugs, colds, flu etc. I was recently watching a documentary talking about the main single way to prevent the spread of cold and infections and it is to wash hands frequently. It spoke of ideas such as wearing coats outside, not playing outside in the cold weather, not going to bed with wet hair etc, as not really helping to prevent the spread of infection. In our school bathrooms we have a fine hand soap spray and all children are encouraged to wash hands. Likewise covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze is also vitally important. Please have a chat to your children as we want a happy, resilient and well school, now and always.

  • Farewell Miss Zoe Summerfield: Zoe, one of our Prep teachers leaves us tomorrow to take family leave. Zoe has been with us for several years and we will miss her great attitude and wonderful work with young children. She is about to start a new life journey and we wish her a wonderful time with her family. We know she will be back some day soon.

  • Book Fair and Book Drive: Many thanks to all families who are sending in their pre-loved books. I know the English Focus Group is thrilled with the amount of books they are receiving as we work towards setting up classroom libraries. Our BOOK FAIR starts next Monday in the Library. Mrs. Bilski will have beautiful books for you to purchase all next week. Money raised goes towards buying library prizes for children who are putting in a great effort with their reading.

  • Book dress Up Day: Mr. Charles has been up late every night this week getting his costume ready for Book Dress Up Day tomorrow at assembly. All children are invited to wear dress ups tomorrow to assembly and display their favourite book characters. Loads of fun!!! Hopefully warm fun!!

  • SCIENCE EXPO is coming: You will find instructions for the family Science Expo on the school website this week. You will also receive information via email. All children are encouraged to participate and you will recall our Expo two years ago which demonstrated great scientific inquiry by so many students and families. The children’s homework will be reduced in the last 5 weeks of term so that they can get on with their discoveries be they inventions, experiments, working models, scientific photography, etc. The aim will be for kids to teach kids about what they have discovered and learnt and also open children’s eyes and minds to the wonderful world of science.

  • Farewell Shukutoku students and welcome to Susono students. Therese Sakamoto does a fabulous job coordinating our exchange student program. We are also blessed with fabulous families who open their houses and act as host families. There are many benefits to this and exposure for your children to Japanese language is excellent. Great to make global relationships also. We had many teary children at the bus last week as we farewelled the Shukutoku students. Congratulations and thanks all round!!

  • Derinya Building Upgrade: This week Stuart and I met with representatives from the Victorian Schools Building Authority to interview and select an architect to undertake our master plan for future building upgrades. There will be lots of community consultation occurring but both Stuart and myself are excited by the talented people we will have the opportunity to work with. We will keep you informed.

  • Derinya Natasha’s Kitchen official opening: We will be officially opening Natasha’s kitchen on 23rd August after assembly at 9.45am. We are thrilled with such a positive learning experience for our children!