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Can you host a Japanese student?

Nadine Fenn

We have a group of 15 Japanese

students coming to Derinya from 22-27 March. Thanks to the 14 families who have kindly offered to welcome a student into their home for 5 nights. We need just ONE more host family. If you can help, please email Therese Sakamoto as soon as possible.


Please note that this student is allergic to dogs, so we are looking for a family without indoor dogs.

Thank you Therese Sakamoto

In the Spotlight

Nadine Fenn

FSB - Jax E.

FSM - Elim C.

FNR - Chloe T.

FJS - Jackson H.

FZS - Kaydn B.

FRU - Zella M.

1GD - Ottilia M.

1CE - Zoe V.

1AK - Emilee S.

1GL - Mia C.

1SG - Ethan M.

1PD - Isabelle G.

2AD - Ashley N.

2KH - Allegra N.

2ME - Wesley N.

2RR - Henry H.

2CS - Beau W.

3HA - Layla B.

3KB - Iolo D.

3JN - Ethan W.

3SN - Kobe B.

4JM - Taj B.

5TC - Lilly B.

5AG - Kaleb B.

5HT - Holly J.

5AW - Jonah M.

6EC - Ally W.

6JP - Ben L.

6DW - Xavier B.

6MH - Alex C.

6MW - Ava J.


Nadine Fenn

To help support our Twilight Fair we are holding a Free Dress Day on Friday, March 8th, 2019. If you would like to be part of the free dress fun we would love students to bring in a small item of $5.00 or less that can be used as prizes and lucky dips. What to bring...

Girls can you please bring in something you would love to win. Boys can you please bring in something you would love to win

Suggestions: hair clips, card games, lollies, colouring books, games, balls, bubble mix, pencils, novelty erasers, bag tags, stickers, story books, jigsaw puzzles.....

Please bring your Twilight Fair donation to your classroom on Friday, March 8th, 2019.