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Nadine Fenn

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of Derinya,

NAPLAN Results are out and I am pleased to say that we are very pleased with our results for students working in the top two bands in years 3 and 5. Congratulations to all children who participated. Our reading, numeracy and grammar and punctuation are all well above state and national standard. It is timely to remember that NAPLAN is only a snapshot of a child’s academic development. We have so many other areas of development we coach and place emphasis on and value the development of the whole child. Over the year teachers develop a wonderful holistic picture of your child in social, emotional, physical and academic domains. Great job to all teachers also who have worked with these cohorts of children. We are a very proud school. 

Science Expo: Hope you are looking forward to the science expo on Tuesday 17th September. Have you something to display that you have investigated and are ready to explain to other children and families?? Professor Runchey will be putting on a chemical display whilst there will also be other great scientific displays. Don’t forget fireworks around 6.30 – 7.00.

RAINBOW DISCO: Don’t forget the RAINBOW DISCO to be held on Thursday 12th September. Juniors from 5.30 – 6.30 pm Seniors 7.00 – 8.15pm. Wear your bright colours!!! The grade 6 students are coordinating this event. All proceeds will go towards their Year 6 Challenge Program in term 4. Hope to see everyone there.

Congratulations to Eve Kierskowski who came 4th overall in the Vic Spell Competition Finals held at Traralgon yesterday. Great effort Eve and thank you to her family for getting her there.

Newspaper Team: Our student newspaper team is visiting Melbourne today to attend the Melbourne Writers’ Festival. This is a great privilege for all of their hard work in publishing our term newspapers. Enjoy the day and thank you to Tania Cleary for coordinating.

Grade 3 – Cranbourne Botanical Gardens. Our Year 3 students had a great day at the gardens this week and were blessed with lovely weather.

District Aths: These have been postponed to next Tuesday due to poor weather predicted for Friday. Good luck to all competitors.

Dental Van: The dental Van is visiting us next week for all of those children who have returned their forms.

Family Holidays: We have so many families who take the opportunity to plan family holidays during term and not in school holidays for many reasons. Whilst enjoyable and great for family bonding, life experience and down time, it has significant impact on our classrooms and the teaching and learning program. In some classes we have currently several children on family holidays. The teacher is teaching vital aspects of the curriculum which the children will miss out on whilst away. This can and does leave gaps in their education. Looking at our attendance data in semester 1 we had 1462 days absence for students who attended less than 90 % of the time. Of those 1462 days 645 days were taken for family holidays. This not only impacts on our attendance data but also impacts on the learning program for our students. I do not expect teachers to reteach topics that are covered when families choose to take holidays. The choice of missing school is a family responsibility and the onus on keeping up with the curriculum is therefore on the family. I do not expect teachers to prepare a host of lessons for weeks of absence; this takes focus away from the children in the classroom. Whilst I understand that family holidays are great, we seek parental responsibility for the teaching of concepts they will miss out on. We will work on a policy and process that should work positively for all. Absence due to illness is an entirely different scenario.

Frankston Traffic Engineers: This week I have had further discussions with the Frankston Traffic Engineers regarding the flow of traffic in Derinya Drive and Overport Road at drop off and pick up times. There will always be some congestion and the aim is to get traffic flowing even though slowly but at least to keep it moving. The flow of traffic at the front of the school is working well however some people still queue to get into the pick up line and block the roundabout preventing any traffic from moving. Likewise we still get people double parking in Derinya Drive. This is not only illegal but also dangerous for your children who you are calling out to your cars. There will be a greater presence of by laws officer in plain clothes fining parents who do the wrong thing. Please do not blame them. Make sure you know the rules and have some patience and do the right thing. We are talking about 15 minutes per day of traffic congestion. Come a little later in the afternoon or a little earlier in the morning. This is everyone’s responsibility. On a brighter note. I have observed over the past 20 years that the traffic situation is greatly improved by the many changes implemented by the school in conjunction with Frankston City Council.

Save the Date: Curriculum Pupil Free Day Monday 7th October – first day of term 4.