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Supporting Your Child

Take Home Reading

S Charles

We hope you are enjoying reading the Take Home books with your children. Here are some tips for making this time an effective and enjoyable one for your family.

1.     Listen to your child read every school day; there is no substitute for regular practice. Find a time to listen to your child read and make it part of your routine. This reading should take approximately 10-15 minutes.

2.     Continue to read aloud to your child and discuss the books you are reading. If you would like to challenge or extend your child then this is a terrific way to do it!

3.     Learn how to prompt your child when they become stuck. Suggested prompts can be found in your child’s take home record book. A parent information night (Foundation parents Term 1, Junior parents in Term 2) will also cover this topic in more detail and all parents are encouraged to attend.

4.     Appreciate that Take Home books are for practice – don’t think that the books your child is bringing home are ‘too easy’. Trust that your child’s teacher is taking care to ensure your child has the correct level for take home reading practice.

5.     Briefly discuss the book with your child after it has been read as this will keep a focus on reading for meaning. Even while children are learning the “how-tos” of reading, we know that developing comprehension is an essential skill that students must practice.